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Financing your needs with Pioneer is like getting money from family — minus the guilt. Enjoy low rates and flexible terms.

Key Features

  • Competitively Low Rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • Local Decisions
  • Friendly Faces
  • Competitively low rates
  • Use funds for practically any purpose, including:
    • Consolidating your debt
    • Redecorating your home
    • Having your dream wedding
    • Getting that startup off the ground
  • Flexible terms that fit you and your family’s needs
  • Signature and share secured loans available
  • Simplify payments with auto transfer or payroll deduction
  • Fast, local processing right here in West Virginia
  • Friendly, personal service from folks in your community

We offer both shared secured and signature loans. A share secured loan uses your share savings account as collateral to secure a lower loan rate. You’ll continue earning dividends while your budget enjoys our lowest rate on any Pioneer loan. Signature loans are just as they sound — give us your John Hancock and we’ll give you cash! These loans are a great option for people with high credit scores and fast cash needs. 

Talk to us about which loan is right for you — we’re happy to help!

Your Financial Compass For Life

...not only did Pioneer save me $1,716.24 in interest, but they saved me $351 on a GAP warranty... Pioneer was fantastic!
I came to Pioneer in desperate need of a loan for a complex situation... They took the smartest approach to save money in interest.
I was able to do a balance transfer to my Pioneer credit card from my Chase credit card and dropped my interest rate from 15% to 6.70%.
Pioneer was a big help with refinancing our vehicles. We are saving over $200 a month on our payments and saved over $4000 in interest in just one auto!
They took 2 years off our loan term when we refinanced, saving us over $1400 in interest.
My financial advocate was knowledgeable, polite and friendly. Banking at Pioneer has been a blessing.
We refinanced a new vehicle with Pioneer and were able to save money on monthly payments and overall interest. Over $1140.
If not the FA taking the time to explain to me how financing worked, I would have made a mistake that would have cost me thousands of dollars ($10,000 actually).
By the end of my appointment, I consolidated two of my credit cards saving me over $5,000. Amazing!
Member Stories