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Pioneer is always keeping up to date with recurring trends or trends seen in the news regarding fraud. Here we report the information to you so that you can take precautionary measures to ensure your card has not been compromised. As always, we encourage you to view your account online at or to download our mobile app "Pioneer West Virginia Federal Credit Union" for iPhone® and Android™ to have real-time access to your account information. These tools will also allow you to set up alerts to notify you of any transactions hitting your account.

Please note: Due to numerous reports of fraud through our card processing system, we have set temporary and permanent blocks on various states and/or zip codes and on particular merchants with high fraud rates.

The most up to date details on card blocks are listed below:

Credit Cards

Update: 12/8/2016 

We have added a block to WALMART.COM over $500.00. Our fraud system will contact you if a charge is made over that amount.

Update: 11/28/2016 

All debit/credit card transactions in Georgia are blocked until further notice.

Debit Cards

Update:  3/24/2020

We are receiving reports of calls coming from Pioneer WV Federal Credit Union’s toll-free number (800) 339-4378 asking for members to verify information from their account.

Please take serious caution – Pioneer WV Federal Credit Union WILL NOT CALL YOU to ask you to verify information about your account.   We have a fraud department that handles anything that may appear to be fraud on your account.

If our system flags your account for a fraudulent transaction you will receive a text or an email from our fraud department that details proper protocol to respond to potential fraud.

Once again, we DO NOT CALL you.   We will ASK YOU to call us to do our proper due diligence.   

If you are receiving calls from someone claiming to be a Pioneer WV Federal Credit Union employee asking for information do not respond – HANG UP and CALL THE CREDIT UNION immediately.

Update: 2/8/2017 

All Maryland ATM transactions over $105.00 will be blocked until further notice. 


Georgia – All Signature transactions at merchant category codes 5411(Grocery/Supermarkets), 5912 Pharmacy/Drug Stores) and 5310(Discount Stores) are blocked. All Pin transactions will work. 


New York – All Signature transactions are blocked. 

California – All Signature transactions are blocked. All PIN transactions are allowed.

Foreign Countries (Including Mexico and Canada) – All Signature transactions made outside the US are blocked. All PIN transactions allowed.

Credit Cards


Maryland – Transactions over $205 will auto block the card. This excludes EMV Chip transactions. 

Georgia – All Signature transactions greater than $125 at merchant category codes 5411(Grocery/Supermarkets), 5912 Pharmacy/Drug Stores) and 5310(Discount Stores) are blocked. All Pin transactions will work.


Qatar, India and the Netherlands – All Signature transactions in these countries are blocked. PIN and EMV CHIP transactions allowed. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to be traveling, please contact Pioneer and we will add a note to your account. If you are traveling to an area listed above, please call (304) 348-6648 or 1 (800) 339-4378 and we will remove the block during your time of travel. 


Temporary: A temporary block is put in place when an area, merchant or state that we typically don't have blocked has a string of fraudulent activity reported. As a precaution, Pioneer sets temporary blocks to protect our members' card data and accounts. These blocks assist in stopping any fraudulent activity from occurring. A temporary block will stay in place until we have confirmed the fraudulent activity has stopped. 

Permanent: A permanent block is put in place when we see trends of consistent, high fraud volume patterns outside of the US, within certain states in the US and with particular merchants. As a precaution, Pioneer sets permanent blocks to protect our members' card data and accounts. Permanent blocks will never be removed. 


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