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Each year we give members an opportunity to put some cash back in their pockets for the summer with Skip A Pay!

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It is mutually agreed that in consideration of the $29.00, non-refundable, per loan fee, my monthly loan payment will be deferred as stated above and extended to the end of the original term of this loan. I understand that finance charges will continue to accrue and all other terms and provisions of the original loan agreement are unchanged and remain in full force and effect. I understand this program is subject to approval and member must be in good standing. Member in good standing is defined by the credit union. I also understand this will not stop any ACH transfer I have set up with Pioneer WV FCU (or other institution) for the purpose of making my loan payment(s) at Pioneer WV FCU. The transfer will still take place from my other institution and the funds will be deposited into my account at Pioneer WV FCU. Offer does not apply to mortgage or VISA® products. I understand that $10 will be added to the fee if funds are not available at time of processing the request, I have to be contacted by the credit union for further information or a loan adjustment has to be made after my due date has passed. By participating in the Skip-A-Pay program, I may have a balance owed in connection with a GAP insurance claim due to the extension of the contract maturity date.

Your Financial Compass For Life

We refinanced a new vehicle with Pioneer and were able to save money on monthly payments and overall interest. Over $1140.
By the end of my appointment, I consolidated two of my credit cards saving me over $5,000. Amazing!
Pioneer was a big help with refinancing our vehicles. We are saving over $200 a month on our payments and saved over $4000 in interest in just one auto!
My financial advocate was knowledgeable, polite and friendly. Banking at Pioneer has been a blessing.
I came to Pioneer in desperate need of a loan for a complex situation... They took the smartest approach to save money in interest.
They took 2 years off our loan term when we refinanced, saving us over $1400 in interest.
I was able to do a balance transfer to my Pioneer credit card from my Chase credit card and dropped my interest rate from 15% to 6.70%.
...not only did Pioneer save me $1,716.24 in interest, but they saved me $351 on a GAP warranty... Pioneer was fantastic!
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